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Mascara Brush, Black Handle

PART #: 60000
MATERIAL: Nylon Bristles, Polystyrene Handle
PACKED: 25 Pieces Per Bag
MINIMUM: 1000 Pieces / Sold in Multiples of 1000 Pieces Only

** Call for discount pricing on quantities greater than 100,000 Pieces

We are sorry, this item is currently out of stock.
PRICE: $44.00 Per 1000 Pieces

More Info:     Wholesale hygienic mascara brush / mascara wand.  Black handle, nylon bristle, standard size head mascara brush / mascara wand applicator for use as a sampling or disposable mascara brush / mascara wand.  Disposable spoolie brush / brow brush.  Disposable 4 inch mascara brush/wand (25pcs per bag, 40bags per box) sold in multiples of 1000pcs.  Sanitary and precise mascara application at wholesale pricing.  The standard size nylon bristle tip of the disposable mascara wand/ brush applicator helps keep your mascara product sanitized.  Sample your mascara product hygienically and reduce waste. Kosmetech Part No. 60000              

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