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100pc LATEX Triangular Loose Jumbo Wedges, Off-White

PART #: 10103
APPROX DIMENSIONS: 1 1/4" x 2" x 2 1/4" x 3/4" Thick
MATERIAL: MADE IN KOREA - SBR 70% Synthetic Rubber and 30% Natural Rubber. **This item is not recommended for those with sensitivities to Latex"**
PACKED: 100 Pieces Per Bag
MINIMUM: 1 Bag Minimum / Sold in Multiples of 100 Pieces Only

** Call for discount pricing on quantities greater than 50,000 Pieces

QUANTITY: x 1 Bag of 100 Pieces      PRICE: $8.00 Per 1 Bag of 100 Pieces

More Info:     LATEX triangular loose JUMBO wedges, Off White.  100 pieces Latex Cosmetic Sponge wedges in a heat sealed bag.  Great economical cosmetic sponge wedges for blending and application.  *Please Note: This item is not recommended for those with sensitivities to latex*.   The Latex Free alternative is Kosmetech Part No. 10101

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