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Precision swabs are a must have in the beauty industry. As a multi-purpose disposable, cotton swabs come in handy and they are an excellent beauty tool with a wide variety of uses. Some of the uses for our single and double head cotton swabs are:

  • Makeup Applicators: Apply, blend or contour your makeup with cotton swabs.
  • Correcting “accidents” with precision: We all make mistakes in the art of beauty and corrections are usually necessary.
  • Applying creams or liquids: Prevent cross-contamination by using our cotton swabs or spatulas. See our spatulas category for more details.

Kosmetech has a selection of cotton tips and handles for everyone. To accommodate your needs, we offer a selection of cotton tips that range from round cotton heads to pointed or flat oval cotton heads. The swab handles are available in polypropylene, paper or wood. The polypropylene or wood handles are a more economical choice than paper. Whether choosing polypropylene, wood or paper, all of our cotton tips are made of 100% cotton and only differ in the tip/head shape, length (approximate lengths 3” or 6”) or in packaging. Selective cotton swabs are packaged in a square plastic dispensing box with closing lid making it easy for storage of your precision swabs.

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