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Our wholesale satin velour and flocked cosmetic puffs have a soft velvety finish and are great for applying, blending or smoothing powder. These elegant traditional powder puffs offer the ultimate luxury and are the ideal accessory applicator for powders.

Select any of our cosmetic puffs as a perfect accessory to our jars with sifters.  Our puffs nest perfectly into our sifters for the 10 gram, 20 gram, 30 gram and 50 gram jar series.

Kosmetech's jar sifter series and puffs are listed below, click on the red link for detailed information and images:

7705600 – 10 gram round jar base series with sifter & puff 11500

7001700 – 10 gram square jar base series with sifter & puff 11500

7775900 – 15 gram square mirrored Flip compact jar square puff 11501

7772000 – 20 gram jar base series with sifter & puff's 11241 or 11341

7706000 – 30 gram jar base series with sifter & puff's 11241; or 11341

7775000 – 50 gram jar base series with sifter & puff's 11254 or 11454

Kosmetech also offers powder puffs with or without the satin ribbon. Our standard size puff (2 1/8”) 11254 or 11454 fits into most standard compacts.  We also stock a large powder puff (4") 11100.  All of our stock cosmetic puffs are approximately ¼” thick with the exception of the large powder puff which is 1/2" thick.

Our satin velour loose powder or compact puffs are available in white and made of 100% cotton velour with satin top. Custom colors, sizes, printing or embossing is available for quantities of 10,000 pieces or more. Please contact us for more information about our cosmetic satin velour puffs.

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