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The art of beauty application requires the right cosmetic tools or accessories to create a flawless finish. One of those necessary tools, are our top quality cosmetic sponges for perfecting your makeup application. Kosmetech’s latex free polyurethane foam sponges are designed exclusively for the beauty industry’s cosmetic applications.

The luxurious cell structure offers unprecedented diversity. Our latex free cosmetic sponges are compatible with virtually all makeup formulas and ideal for creams, liquids and powders. Blend eye shadow, concealer, foundation and contour powder with our triangular sponge wedges. Cosmetic sponges are also an excellent choice for correcting makeup “mistakes” too.

Our latex free cosmetic sponges provide versatility at a low cost with the quality that you can trust and deserve. These latex free sponges can be washed and reused, but they are priced for disposable use. We always recommend you use a clean sponge for each application. Our latex free makeup sponges are odorless and safe for those who are allergic or sensitive to latex. Kosmetech’s cosmetic sponges are remarkably soft and durable and blend your product into perfection without streaking, swelling, flaking or breaking apart. Each cosmetic sponge block is individually wrapped in a heat sealed bag for cleanliness and hygienic purposes. They are also great items to retail. Measuring approximately one inch in thickness you can choose from a selection of our most popular latex free makeup blocks:

  • The 24 piece 10024 and 36 piece 10036 latex free makeup sponge wedge block is the most popular in the cosmetic industry for personal or industry use.
  • The 8 piece 10008 latex free sponge wedge block is designed for the makeup artist or professional who prefers a more substantial triangular wedge.
  • The 40 piece 10040 latex free rectangle sponge block is designed for the cosmetic counter in mind or for testing of product. Due to the size of the sponge it is not meant for a full facial makeup application. This block is a great choice for the “test and go” customer.

For our customers who prefer LATEX foam, we recommend our SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) jumbo wedges 10103.  Kosmetech does not recommend this item for those with sensitivities to latex.  Kosmetech stocks a large assortment of non-latex sponges as alternatives.

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